One of the most wonderful things in the world is the power to provide inspiration.  And the crazy thing about that is that we never really know if we are the one doing the inspiring.

Over the last year I have had the ability to meet some pretty inspiring people in the hospitality industry.  As someone who has focused their entire professional career on this industry since they were 12 years old, that means a lot.

When you go into this industry, it’s not for praise, and it is certainly not for wealth.  You go into the hospitality industry because you get a genuine pleasure out of making other people happy.  That’s how you can work nights, weekends, and yes, even holidays without complaining.  And i have done that, put in my time,  and come out on the other side.

Last year, my full time job sent me to an awe-inspiring conference called Catersource.  This was a gathering of catering and event professionals from across the country and in some cases, across the globe.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Simon Majumdar, David Beahm, Emily Ellyn and Linkie Marais.  There is something about meeting individuals that do what you do, but on a much larger scale that just open your eyes to the possibilities.

Then last weekend, I was visiting the New England Food Show as I do most years, when I stumbled across Geoffrey Zakarain.  I am so glad that I stopped to take a moment, purchase his new cookbook “My Perfect Pantry” and get a chance to meet him.  Such a classy chef, you would never know he was originally from Worcester!

You see the conversations I have had over the last year, have inspired me to continue my passion.  To continue sharing my thoughts on cuisine and the local restaurants I visit.  Perhaps I will even expand this site to include event tips and tricks since I have after all been planning occasions for over 15 years.

I am excited because my job is sending me once again to Catersource in the coming days.  Stay tuned for some inspiration!

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