While Chelsea isn’t exactly known for its restaurant scene (yet!), if you drive down Broadway you’ll see a seemingly endless stream of tiny hole-in-the-wall places. Any true foodie knows that these tend to be just the sort of places where one can find some of the most delectable dishes!

This summer, I have begun trying these little spots to see if I can find such a place. At this point, I haven’t found anything super special. However, I’ve been surprised to find these places are generally better than they look from the outside.

One such visit brought me to “TiJuana”. The entrance was brighter than most on the street, and the interior was colorful, cheery, and quite clean. As with most Mexican restaurants, they brought over homemade tortilla chips with salsa for us to munch on while we ordered. As usual, I was craving meat so I ordered the “Bistec Encebollade”. This was a grilled 9oz steak topped with marinated onions and green peppers. As with all of their entrees it was served with beans, rice and a salad. The entree itself was okay though it could have used a bit more seasoning. My friend ordered the “Enchilades Veracruzana” which was soft tortillas filled with shrimp, covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese. While this was better than I thought, perhaps due to the large amount of gooey cheese, I probably wouldn’t order it again. This was more of a personal preference though as I would have preferred the dish with chicken in it rather than shrimp.

Our server was sweet and prompt, the food was hot and served quickly. If you’re just looking for a quick spot to grab a bite then “TiJuana” fits the bill. The search continues for that hidden gem.


164 Broadway

Chelsea, MA 02150



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