The first place mentioned to me two years ago when I stated I was moving to Chelsea, was the ‘ NewBridge Cafe ‘.  I was told it was the first place I had to try.  To this day when Chelsea is brought up in conversation, it never fails that the NewBridge is brought into the conversation fairly quickly.

If you do any research you’ll quickly learn that the NewBridge Cafe was established back in 1975 and is referred to as “the place” to get the best steak tips.  If you are looking for a local pub environment with crave-able classics, then this place can’t be beat.  The NewBridge Cafe has the feel of a restaurant that has been around for years and is busy regardless of the day.  I can only imagine the wait at the door if they ever decide to give the building & interior  a facelift.

Given steak tips being their claim to fame, I tried the dish early on and continue to order it every visit.  The tips come with one side dish, and you can’t go wrong with the house rice which has a delicious blend of special herbs & spices.  Though the giant steak fries cut in-house are always a hit.  Be warned though this side is about the size of 1 and a 1/2 baked potatoes!  Looking for something a little lighter?  Their garden salad is the perfect accompaniment with their house dressing.

On my last visit, in addition to the famous tips, we ordered the ‘Meatball Appetizer’, which while okay, could have used a little extra seasoning.  To round things out, we also decided to try the ‘Chicken Ziti Broccoli’.  Again, we found this okay, but that was more so due to a preference for an Alfredo version of this dish and this one was finished with a garlic oil.

The service is standard pub style, with the staff being casual & friendly and your food being served promptly.  Though I don’t think I will ever get used to “saving my silverware” between courses even though it’s typical at every old time pub.

The NewBridge Cafe has become one of my go-to places for a guaranteed delicious meal.  If you find yourself in the Chelsea area, be sure to arrange time for a meal at the NewBridge and order the steak tips!

NewBridge Cafe
650 Washington Ave
Chelsea, MA 02150

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