Finally made it in to try the Chelsea Station Restaurant Bar & Lounge last week and wasn’t disappointed.

Chelsea Station opened in October 2016 in what was once an active firestation in Chelsea.  Given the history of the ‘Great Chelsea Fire of 1973‘ and the devastating one even earlier in 1908, the site just has a special vibe to it.  Rumor has it that the fire of 73’ ended pretty much on their property line!

For many they continue to question why someone would choose to open a Modern American style restaurant in this city.  Chelsea has after all had a bad rap for years.  As someone who has lived in the community for almost four years,  I can tell you that there is a clear change happening in the area.  It is with restaurants and other businesses like this that the city will finally flourish.

On to the food!

We went in early on an otherwise boring Monday evening and were greeted quickly by our server Jay.  He was the perfect blend of attentiveness and personality.  We warned him from the start that we would be ordering a lot of food, and he kindly spaced things out without asking so we wouldn’t feel rushed.  I observed Jay taking care of a table nearby and couldn’t help but love a line he used to excuse himself from the table when the conversation was running a little too long. “I don’t want to over-talk you” – what a perfect line that all service staff should know and use!

First impressions are everything and from the decor to the wooden boards the menu was presented on, I liked everything I saw.  The bread was presented on a beautiful rustic board with an herbed butter.  The loaf was a brioche-style bread and just melted in your mouth.  For appetizers we tried the Potato & Bacon Salad, the Gnocchi & Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and the Seafood Slider Trio.

My favorite in this round was the Slider Trio, in particular the delectable buffalo fried oyster. The perfect blend of heat and crunch!  The Gnocchi, while very good, could have used a little salt.  Interesting side note, there are no s&p shakers on the tables which seems to be a growing trend in newer restaurants.  The Potato & Bacon Salad was delicious with its blend of potatoes but was a little overdressed which made it a bit oily.

As the entrees were served my dining companion and I were starting to feel a little full so the Salmon Special he had ordered was wrapped to-go and we settled in to split my order of Steak & Potatoes. This tasty ribeye was served with a horseradish creme, fried shallots, mashed potatoes and wilted kale.  Not an ounce was left on the plate.

We were planning on passing on dessert, but Jay convinced me that their flan was a must-have so we were in for one more course.  Now since I never saw the menu, I am not sure on the specifics of the dessert but it was a deliciously smooth flan with a dusting of walnuts.

I am looking forward to a return trip as there were quite a few other items I wanted to try on their menu.  Not to mention, they have a pretty tasty looking brunch!  Hopefully Chelsea will continue to have gems like this open so one can grab a delicious meal without having to head into Boston.

Chelsea Station Restaurant & Lounge
105 Everett Ave
Chelsea, MA 02150




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