A last minute change of plans found me at John Brewer’s Tavern with a group of friends.  Don’t let the location fool you! I learned many years ago when I started my career in the restaurant business that small strip malls can often hide little gems.  While John Brewer’s Tavern is far from fine dining, or even a trendy casual restaurant, it is a great spot to catch up with friends and watch your favorite team win a game.

The beer was cold, service quick and friendly.  But let me get to the point of why I chose to write-up this tavern.


Wings! I do believe that John Brewer’s Tavern had the most delicious wings I have had to date. They were a perfectly tempting blend of heat & sweet! The chef used a combination of hot sauce and honey to make these wings just spicy enough without affecting your taste buds.

The wings alone are reason enough for a return trip!

John Brewer’s Tavern
7 Highland Ave
Malden, Ma 02148




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