Recently one of my favorite people suggested we go for sushi.  Since sushi is one of my favorite genres of food, I was on board.  At least I was until the words “all you can eat” were added during the drive.  I don’t know about you, but the only time sushi makes me squeamish is when I see the buffet set-up.  I can’t help questioning just how fresh the fish could possibly be in that type of establishment.

I kept my thoughts to myself though as we pulled up in front of the restaurant my concern only grew.  While I liked the sign stating the name “Takusan Sushi”, the large scale sign across some of the windows repeating the dreaded “all you can eat” phrase didn’t help.

Stepping through the doors my hesitancy began to dissipate immediately.  The space had a romantic feel with low lighting, and a soothing collection of music (of which I learned during the meal was actually Brazilian!).  The decor was modern, done in shades of red, black and tan with a nice mix of banquet seating and chairs.

Once we were seated and informed the server that we would like the “all you can eat option”, a card was presented for us to complete with our selections.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that all of the sushi was being made to order.  Gone was my concern about freshness!  After placing our order, we headed over to a raw bar and helped ourselves to prawns, oysters, crab legs, crawfish, seaweed salad, and a refreshing seafood salad.

My date had ordered a wide selection of food including both tuna & beef carpaccio, dumplings and a wide variety of sushi & sashimi.  Every last piece was delicious!

An important thing of note, should you order in excess of what you can actually eat, there will be an extra charge on your bill.  And they also have a time limit for the table of two hours to prevent excessive eating.

I think I found a new favorite sushi place!

Takusan Sushi
1223 Beacon St
Brookline, MA   02446

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