Welcome to JPD! To me food is an art, a stress reliever and let’s be honest, Just Plain Delicious!

My interest in food began as a young girl in my mom’s kitchen while helping prepare dinner for the family. This interest grew into a passion that I have now been cultivating for years.

Jeez, another food blogger! I can hear the thought going through your mind now. Here’s the difference, I have had a successful career in hospitality for a solid twenty years and growing.  From working the front lines as a server, bartender, and host, to stepping into management  over 17 years ago in both the public restaurant sector and private country club, I’ve done it.  My expertise in the industry lends a different take to my posts.

I have been asked to consult on a number of projects including service training, restaurant design and operations to event planning, and marketing.  A rather hectic schedule in the past prevented me from being able to take on these formal consulting roles in the past.  As I have settled into a position with more of a focus on Sales & Marketing in the industry over the last two years, I have found more time freeing up for the consulting roles requested of me over the years.

If you own a restaurant, I can help you with formalizing your training processes, providing you a detailed secret diner report, or even just sitting with you to go through what small changes may give your storefront a fresh up-to-date feel.  If you’d like to contact me for whatever reason, shoot me an email at info@justplaindelicious.com

JPD is my way of sharing the tasty treats that I prepare for my family and friends, while building a site for other foodies to share their favorite recipes as well.  In addition, you will find reviews of local restaurants and kitchen products.

Thanks for visiting, let’s eat!

~ Marnie
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